Welcome to Prairie Family Counseling and Consulting

Dr. Glenda Cottam welcomes you to Prairie Family Counseling and Consulting. We are a full-service psychology practice offering psychotherapy, counseling, mediation, family therapy, testing and other services.

For over 20 years we have helped people like you from wide backgrounds with many different concerns who are not “crazy” or “mentally ill” but simply need help navigating a course towards a more emotionally satisfying life.

Working Together

Counseling involves working together as a partnership to make sense of changed life circumstances, traumatic issues, grief, parent-child conflicts, adolescent issues and self-esteem concerns which impair our day-to-day functioning. Maybe you don’t know exactly what the problem is or how to fix it. We help you identify and understand those problems and obstacles, and as a team we work to restore positive feelings and develop actions for workable long-lasting solutions.

Sometimes there are deeper changes we would like to make about suffering or unhealthy behaviors in our lives, but have not been able to accomplish despite introspection or help from family and friends. We only worsen frustration and stress by trying to cope in our usual way. Psychotherapy unlocks unconscious barriers to those changes by exploring thoughts, feelings and problems on a rewarding journey in a secure, nonjudgmental environment to help you regain control of your life.